Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Information Regarding Faxing of Documents

As we announced last week, we are asking volunteers to visit the Dubuque County Courthouse to make copies of documents in Professor Jeffries' file(s). We have received a number of questions regarding this plan, which we want to answer here.
  • It has been suggested that we will likely receive multiple copies of the same document unless there is some way for volunteers to know which items have already been copied. To decrease the possibility of this happening, we will supply a list of documents we current possess to those who plan on making copies. This shouldn't be a problem, since volunteers will have to email us to obtain the fax number; we will simply provide the list of documents when we send out the fax number. (A helpful note: at this time, the only documents we have copies of are those listed on the download site.)
  • We will delete any fax header information (e.g., sender's phone number and/or name) that appear on documents which are sent to us (that way no one can tell who the sent the documents once they are downloaded). This obviously isn't a big deal if faxes are sent from Copyworks or similar businesses.
  • For those who might be wondering, each copy at the courthouse costs fifty cents each.
If you have any further questions, please post them here.
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